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Real Life Stories


Some thoughts for a rainy day....

never ride across wet paint on the road. If you do, the paint might get angry and slap your bike out from under you.

those fenders you think are goofy and un-cool? they absolutely rock when your tires are kicking up gallons of the wet muck from the road
it's colder than you think out there once you are soaked to the bone and the wind from your movement hits you.

your bike is going to be covered in road grit.

I hope I put the wet lube on my chain before I left the house.

Tax Time

That time is almost upon us...April 15th, tax day. The day when we all wish we had more deductions to put into our tax return. The day when we all think, "man, I don't get paid enough to put up with all the crap I put up with".

As I sat down this year to fire up the latest version of TurboTax©, I felt that old familiar feeling of tension and anxiety welling up. I don't have the worst tax return to fill out. A couple of different forms of income, some investments, a couple of IRAs, business deductions.

Warm-up To Cyclocross

This time of year, at least in the northern parts of the U.S., the leaves turn colors and the temperatures dip toward winter. Most people put their bikes away because it is getting too cold to ride. There is however, a growing group of people that don't want to hang up their bikes or shove them to the back corner of the garage.

For us it is the time of year to dust off a bike that looks a little different than our normal road or mountain bikes. This bike has a road bike frame, but nubby tires and brakes of a mountain bike.

Women and Their Bikes

Recently my 77 year old Great Aunt came for a visit. I was lucky enough to spend a serious amount of alone time wandering around Newport. If you ever have the opportunity to pick the brain of an older relative, I highly recommend taking it. The insights she has gained in her life are irreplaceable.

As tends to happen since I started this whole bike-thing, our conversation wandered over to all things bikes. Now, just to set the picture a little better, at 77 my Aunt is more mobile and active than some of the parents of my kids' friends.

Deer Hats

Jul 1, 2013

How many times have you seen this? Your riding down the street or over a trail and someone else riding their bike rides past you the other way without a helmet?

Like you I've seen countless people, lots of kids, riding around their neighborhoods without helmets. They all make it home just fine and to be honest I grew up in an era when wearing a helmet wasn't cool at all. So are we just being paranoid as adults for wearing helmets and making our own kids wear helmets? I recently had a reason to pause in my thinking about the necessity of helmets.
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