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Tax Time

That time is almost upon us...April 15th, tax day. The day when we all wish we had more deductions to put into our tax return. The day when we all think, "man, I don't get paid enough to put up with all the crap I put up with".

As I sat down this year to fire up the latest version of TurboTax©, I felt that old familiar feeling of tension and anxiety welling up. I don't have the worst tax return to fill out. A couple of different forms of income, some investments, a couple of IRAs, business deductions. The typical type of return for a man of my age with more interests than time to work on them all. Even so, filling out my tax return is a stressful day because I can't get it done fast enough and my return is never big enough. Something I'm sure you are all familiar with...

The one nice thing about procrastinating, again, is that it was a beautiful day when I finally sat down to fill out my return, so when I got most of the way through it and needed a break, I just threw on some spandex and hit the road.

An hour and a half knocking out as many hills and as many watts as I could handle is a great way to relieve all the stress, loosen up the knots and get rid of all that nasty cortisol that filing my taxes takes on me. Today I had to laugh at myself as well since I couldn't get Pharrell Williams Happy out of my head. It just popped in there unbidden and unwanted, I don't really like his song though it is one of my kids favorites, but I had to smile while that refrain kept going through my mind like an old style record with a skip in it. Over and Over it ran penetrating my thoughts and between that refrain and my own huffing and puffing all those thoughts of stress and worry about money and taxes and government just fled my mind.

At the end of a bit of a stressful day, the last thought left in my mind was about how fortunate we all are to live in a country where we can just get on our bikes and ride out from under our problems.

Live Free and Ride my friends!

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