Over The Summit Coaching - Bicycle Coaching to Take You to the Top!

"The Intro to Coaching" - If you are new to cycling and want to try it without breaking your bank, this package is for you. This gives you a goal specific season long training plan with daily emailed workouts, daily email contact with your coach as needed, weekly phone sessions. It also includes an in person coaching session at the beginning of the season. All for $50 per month with no minimum number of months required for your first season with us.

"The Century" - This package is perfect for the person who is looking for some help completing a century event, whether it is a grand fondo or a charity ride. My experience will get you to the finish line feeling great and having had the time of your life.$99 per event.

"The Racer" - Does watching the Tour de France fire your competitive juices up? Do you know that you could be the next Greg Lemond? Then try your first race and I can help you build all the skills you need to get there, have a great time and be competitive. This package includes a season long tailored training plan, nutritional coaching, equipment discussions, daily emailed workouts, daily email contact with your coach as needed, weekly phone sessions and everything you need to try your hand at racing. $199 per month with no minimum number of months required.

"A la Carte" - If you are looking for only pieces of your package. Maybe you just need someone to ask questions (i.e. your a runner who needs some advice on how to switch to a triathlon training plan, a charity rider that needs to know how to use clipless pedals safely, etc.) or you would like some help figuring out how to setup you brand new trainer or bike. Maybe your bike fit feels off and you don't think you need an entire expensive fit to make it work. If you have any little need I can help you out with an affordable pay-as-you-go package. Prices range from $20 on up depending on the complexity of the request and the time needed to complete it.
An example price list:
$20 - setting up your trainer
$25 - 30 minutes worth of general questions. This can be pro-rated for more or less $$$ depending on how much time your questions take me to answer.
$25 - shopping plan to set you up with the needed equipment for your training. If you would like in person help going to the bike shop this is available within my commuting area for $50.
Contact me for a free estimate.

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